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  • Blog Post: Introduction to Windows PowerShell Cmdlets in Windows 7

    New Year, New…console session? Here’s a quick look at creating a new GPO using the Group Policy cmdlets in Windows 7. To create a new GPO from scratch using PowerShell cmdlets: 1. Open an elevated PowerShell console session (1-2 clicks) 2. Command: Import-Module grouppolicy (typing) ...
  • Blog Post: Re-post: Darren Mar-Elia's "Controlling Shares on Windows Systems"

    Darren Mar-Elia, aka GPOGuy, wrote a cool post about using Group Policy Preferences to remove unwanted network shares from your environment. Group Policy Preferences can do everything! If you've got Windows Server 2008 or above, you've already got GP Preferences at your disposal. Read on : http:/...