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June, 2010

  • Importing and Exporting with AGPM

    Thanks for tuning in this lovely Friday! Time for a glimpse into the advanced side of Group Policy, with Advanced Group Policy Management . This awesome product comes as part of MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack), which you can get easily if you...
  • How long does this script / WMI Filter take?

    I was reading GP MVP Darren Mar-Elia’s forum about WMI Filters and discovered a sweet PowerShell trick from another awesome friend of the GP team, Thorbjörn Sjövold (CTO of Specops Software ) You can use the PowerShell cmdlet “measure...
  • Cross post: AskDS Group Policy Search Settings in the cloud

    Kapil posted a great article about a new tool created by Stephanus Schulte and Jean-Pierre Regente. It's an Azure-hosted tool that keyword searches Group Policy settings. Read about it here:
  • Re-post: Darren Mar-Elia's "Controlling Shares on Windows Systems"

    Darren Mar-Elia, aka GPOGuy, wrote a cool post about using Group Policy Preferences to remove unwanted network shares from your environment. Group Policy Preferences can do everything! If you've got Windows Server 2008 or above, you've already got GP...