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December, 2007

  • ‘Tis the Season to read about Group Policy

    For those of you gearing up for a new year of administering Group Policy, here's some links to articles and blogs that cover different aspects of Group Policy. Some of these blogs do not have Group Policy as the main focus, but Group Policy touches on...
  • New! Windows PowerShell Help on TechNet

    I know there's a lot of interest around Windows PowerShell. Here's some information you might be interested in as a Group Policy Administrator: A TechNet magazine article entitled, "Simplify Group Policy Administration with Windows PowerShell" by...
  • Understanding the GPO version number

    If you've ever poked around to look at the raw GPO version number, you've probably wondered why is the number so huge and how does it get displayed as a much smaller value when you view the version number using GPMC. Let's look at the simplest example...