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July, 2007

  • Where Is “Logon Using Dial-Up Connections” in Windows Vista?

    I was thinking about my next blog entry a few weeks back. My research took me through various Web sites, message threads, and articles. Naturally, I wanted something not only pertinent to Group Policy, but also exciting and new (to quote the Love Boat...
  • Are You Waiting for Office 2007 System ADMX Files?

    Office 2007 System Administrative Templates (ADM) files are currently available for download at the following location. And everyone is asking, but where's the ADMX versions? Help, I want to administer Office...
  • Random, non GP related tid-bit

    Hi all... I know this is way off topic but thought, in the spirit of blogging, this may have some relevance for some readers. In my work I am often writting up ideas, trying to elaborate on a thought on paper where images are critical and <ALT...