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Groove Server Certification

Groove Server Certification

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If you had a chance to look at J. Peter Abruzze's blog entry on Groove Server and Enterprise Services (Getting into the Groove, Part 1: Outsource or in-house?), you might be interested in digging a little deeper into learning about Groove. 

You can start with the material on, but there is more technical detail available on .

We have new training and certification material available on the details of Groove Server and Enterprise Services.  These courses can be accessed at

Collection 6452AE: Implementing Microsoft Office Groove Server 2007

v Course 6453AE: Installing and Deploying Microsoft Office Groove 2007

v Course 6454AE: Configuring and Administering Microsoft Office Groove Server 2007

v Course 6455AE: Managing Microsoft Office Groove 2007 Accounts and Workspaces

v Course 6456AE: Using Advanced Microsoft Office Groove 2007 Workspace Tools

v Course 6457AE: Deploying Microsoft Office Groove 2007 Data Bridge and Disaster Recovery

v Course 6458AE: Securing and Maintaining Microsoft Office Groove 2007



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