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Groove Security Whitepaper

Groove Security Whitepaper

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A new whitepaper on TechNet takes an in depth look at the Groove security model

This is one of the most important documents to read if you are evaluating Groove 2007.  Why?  Because for most of our customers, the decision to use Groove is based on the assumption that the users will working inside, and outside the organization, across firewalls, often on public networks.  Groove's unique ability to work securely across the network, to connect geographically distributed teams, or teams that are composed of members from different organizations, is a major impetus for Groove adoption.  Start talking to IT about cross-firewall communications, and you quickly end up discussing security.  

The readers digest version of the security story might be something like this:

  1. Strong (192-bit AES) encryption for data that is sent across the network
  2. Strong (192-bit AES) encryption for data that is stored on the local device
  3. Authenticated, and integrity protected communications using public/private keypairs

Wether your client is Office Live Groove, or Groove 2007, wether you use Groove Server or Enteprise services, this paper can help you better understand the security behind the scenes.

Read more about the security model, and see how it can enable more secure communications for your team.


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