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Upgrading to Groove 2007: Flying is easy, its the landing that's hard

Upgrading to Groove 2007: Flying is easy, its the landing that's hard

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Upgrading is easy...

We've got a great Groove v3x user population out there, and many of them are asking about upgrading to Groove 2007. As the banner indicates, upgrading is easy, but you should look before you leap.

So first, How do I upgrade to 2007? This technote has all the details, and caveats, but if you are ready it is generally as simple as 1,2,3.

1) save your account just in case,
2) uninstall whatever old version of groove you have, and
3) install Groove 2007.

All of the upgrading to the account and data should happen automagically (it just works!).

...But first, cut the blue wire….

Groove 2007 is far and away a better product from Groove v3. More secure, more stable, higher quality…more available (in 30+ languages)…easier to deploy…

But.. (there had to be a but…)

If you were a Groove v3 user, there a few things to beware of, and a few things you might miss…learn about these before you upgrade, as there really is no turning back.

..and don't forget the small print…

This was covered in an earlier post, but simply put, new users can participate in old spaces, but old users can't participate in new spaces.

SharePoint sync:

The Groove Mobile Workspace for SharePoint feature in Groove Virtual Office v3.1 has been replaced with a new workspace tool in Groove 2007 named the SharePoint Files Tool. If you used the old SharePoint sync, there are some specific things you should know:

  • Be sure to synchronize any Groove Mobile Workspaces with their respective SharePoint sites BEFORE you upgrade to Groove 2007. Existing Groove Mobile Workspaces for Sharepoint will no longer synchronize, even though the workspaces continue to exist.
  • After upgrading to Groove 2007, you can no longer create new Groove Mobile Workspaces for Sharepoint spaces.
  • The new 2007 Sharepoint Files supports file synchronization between Sharepoint 2007 Document Libraries and Groove 2007 workspaces only. Older versions of Groove or older versions of SharePoint are not supported.

Where did _____ go?

For the usual software reasons (quality, security, useability, supportability) the following tools are no longer available to add to new workspaces, but will continue to function in existing workspaces:

  • Outliner
  • Contact Manager
  • Document Review
  • Task Manager
  • Text
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Web Links
  • Welcome Page
  • TeamDirection tools

Previously-available features not included in Groove 2007 are:

  • Co-Edit of Microsoft Word documents
  • Send to Groove button in Lotus Notes and Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Send a Groove Instant Message to a workspace
  • Integration of Groove Calendar and Meetings tool with Outlook calendar

Be aware that any 3rd party tools used in previous versions of Groove may no longer work as expected in Groove 2007. How do you know if it will work? Check with the developer of the tool -- in many cases, new 2007 versions are available.

Still, upgrading is an easy process...Way easier than landing the Gimli Glider!

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