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Collecting Our Thoughts: A Guide to Groove Web Resources

Collecting Our Thoughts: A Guide to Groove Web Resources

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There are a lot of places to look for information on Groove, though you may have trouble finding them amidst everything else that is going on with the Office and Vista launch.  Looking for the BOM we sweated over before launch? Or looking for the latest thoughts from the thoughtful? A quick guide to help you get started, no matter what you are looking for.

Where do I go to…

Read the Product Guide? See a demo? (its a quick flash of Groove in action).
Case Studies spotlight how far flung organizations stay connected with Groove.

The Groove TechCenter
Need more technical content?  Find technical content for ItPros at the Groove TechCenter
Like the Groove Advisor, it is a work in progress, but our TechCenter is growing.  New information is posted every few weeks. The foundation materials are here -- admin guides, training materials, a few whitepapers. More to come.

Developers, the MSDN site is not quite ready yet - - check back in a couple weeks. 

Groove blogs
Inside and outside of Microsoft there are several blogs to watch.

Marc Olson's has been a key integration point for the Groove team during our integration phase.  His blog is a great source for core Groove info.  Now that he's working on our next release, its worth watching to see where the conversation goes.  A recent post on Trial tribulations is worth reading if you are looking to at the Office!Live Groove trial. I won't repeat what's already there - read it if you are having trouble getting started with Groove Trial.

One thing he doesn't mention there is the difficulty some folks have been having with getting access to Groove trial from outside the US. Several people have reported problems when they try to get Groove, and the form prompts them for a US zip code.  We're sorting out the localization issues, but in the meantime its interesting to note that the zip code for Redmond is 98052.

Developers need MSDN, and so do we. Our site is coming soon, stay tuned.

In the meantime long time groovers fill in the gaps...

blog shows you how to use Forms Script to send an IM.
Chris Norman's blog has recently posted a two part series about Groove Forms vs InfoPath forms. 

From further afield, Mike Gannotti is running The Office System Challenge, with a chance to win an XBox 360 for the best Groove solution submitted before February 28th.

Don't overlook the broad community that has been working on Groove; there are some seasoned veterans out here:

Team Direction has updated their project tools to work with Groove 2007 and SharePoint.

Hommes and Process .. has just released a new tool to integrate Outlook with Groove.  Grab messages, contacts, calendar items, and push them to Groove workspaces.  Et, ils ont un WebLog aussi!


Black Coral


Its not a blog, but the Groove Community Site has some dedicated followers.

By the way, what's the best book on teamwork/collaboration that you have read? How it works, why it fails, and where is it phenomenally successful?

Not to overlook the others, but I'll close here with a pointer to an interesting paper on Goal Centric Networks

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