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Tidbits on Unified Communications for our education customers.

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    As a valued member of the Microsoft community, we would like to extend to you an official invitation to an Office Communications Server 2007 Ignite event! This 2-day hands-on technical workshop is intended to provide you with key information regarding Office Communications Server 2007. Topics:...
  • Blog Post: customize Office Communicator

    A colleague asked me if I was feeling better the other day and I asked him why he thought I was feeling bad. He said your IM says you have a headache "do not disturb". What he was referring to is the ability to customize Office Communicator. I customized mine and you can too!!! Communicator 2007 client...
  • Blog Post: External Connectors for OCS

    In reviewing OCS licensing and pricing with the field we received some questions regarding the OCS External Connectors (Standard and Enterprise). To help mitigate any additional confusion below is a mini FAQ on OCS External Connectors. When do you need an OCS External Connector? OCS External Connectors...
  • Blog Post: Planning Tool

    We have a new OCS Planning Tool to help you plan your upcoming OCS deployment. The tool is still in beta and some of the links aren't available yet but it does provide you with a quick visio and initial sizing of your environment by looking at the design parameters you define. Download it and check it...
  • Blog Post: MSIT and deploying OCS

    Our Internal IT just posted a whitepaper and presentation on deploying OCS at Microsoft to 85K users worldwide. Great info on scaling to meet our availability and security requirements. Technical White Paper | PowerPoint Presentation