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  • Blog Post: Calling all Users!!

    The question I received the other day was on sending voicemail to multiple users using Exchange UM. How can we achieve this? This can be done by creating a Universal Distribution List (DL) and adding all intended Unified Messaging recipients to the DL. From within OVA you can do a directory search...
  • Blog Post: Exchange 2007 and certs

    In my travels I've heard over and over again that certificate management and deployment are the big issues with deployments. The Exchange Team has an excellent blog entry on certs for Exchange 2007. To review -
  • Blog Post: Client Data for Exchange 2007

    In Outlook 2003/Exchange 2003 we had a great whitepaper on bandwidth and network requirements. It's here: Exchange 2003 Whitepaper . We've updated our guidance for Outlook/Exchange 2007 - it is available at
  • Blog Post: Adding favorites programmatically to OWA

    In OWA you can provide access to documents and control those permissions for private and public access. What my customers are asking is how can I prepopulate these favorites. There isn't a really easy way or supported way to do this today but it can be done programmatically. One of my collegues has outlined...