Bill & Greg's Most Excellent Adventure

Tidbits on Unified Communications for our education customers.

June, 2008

  • Unified Communications is not coming, it is here!

    Last week I was at Teched where one of my colleagues introduced Sprint in a presentation on Nortel and Microsoft’s continuing efforts around UC. Sprint a long time customer of Nortel and Microsoft and with 64,600 employees operates the largest 100-percent...
  • OCS – SIP over UDP?

    What’s the overhead? What’s the argument. This is a very interesting blog that shows how the least common denominator in SIP communications is TCP but how the argument for UDP has continued over 20 years.
  • Blackberry and OCS

    I have OCS but some of my execs use Blackberry devices. How can they participate in IM conversations, etc. with OCS? RIM is updating BES to take advantage of OCS. The BES solution will allow for IM one-to-one and multi-party IM. It includes emoticons...
  • Calling all Users!!

    The question I received the other day was on sending voicemail to multiple users using Exchange UM. How can we achieve this? This can be done by creating a Universal Distribution List (DL) and adding all intended Unified Messaging recipients to the...