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  • Blog Post: DAISY Translator for Word gets an update: Save as MP3 from Word?

    In case you missed it yesterday, DAISY Consortium announced the release of the second version of the DAISY Translator for Word . I've said it a few times on my blog , but I did want to say again how much we value our partnership with the DAISY Consortium, and our gratitude towards them for their help...
  • Blog Post: TextGlow Silverlight Open XML Viewer Source Code available

    TextGlow, the prototype Open XML Viewer for Silverlight is one of the most popular posts in the brief history of my blog. Intergen , a Microsoft partner in New Zealand, have now elected to offer the source code for this application on OpenXMLDeveloper.org . I am very excited about this development, Silverlight...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight viewer for Open XML

    Updated: The Source Code for this tool is now available : Here's an interesting development (anyone for pun-free Fridays?) Intergen , a New Zealand based company , has developed a viewer for Open XML documents. You can get take a look at TextGlow for yourself: http://www.textglow.net/ . ...