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Gray Knowlton's blog on Microsoft Office

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  • Blog Post: Open XML SDK 2.0 Released

    On February 21, 2008, I posted on Microsoft Interoperability Principles , which are designed to make our products more open and more available to the broader software community. Since that day, Microsoft has made several strides in this area, too many to recount here and now, but largely explained by...
  • Blog Post: Office 2010 for Developers: Transcript from my training session

    During the launch wave we spend a lot of time "readying" various teams around the company and externally about the new capabilities for developers in Office 2010 . This is a topic of great interest across our technical field in particular, due to the multitudes of solutions that are built on Office to...
  • Blog Post: TextGlow Silverlight Open XML Viewer Source Code available

    TextGlow, the prototype Open XML Viewer for Silverlight is one of the most popular posts in the brief history of my blog. Intergen , a Microsoft partner in New Zealand, have now elected to offer the source code for this application on OpenXMLDeveloper.org . I am very excited about this development, Silverlight...
  • Blog Post: Open XML SDK Code behind the Custom XML Markup Detection Tool

    On Brian Jones' blog today, Zeyad Rajabi has posted the source code for the Custom XML Markup Detection tool from my last post. This should give readers a bit more insight into what it is looking for to identify affected documents. The source is provided to you as an example of the Open XML SDK's incredible...