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Gray Knowlton's blog on Microsoft Office

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    I don't have the type of job where I distill global economic indicators into sound bites and loose predictions, but I do spend cycles trying to understand what people are going to be thinking about in the future. For any software product manager, keeping an eye on ".next" is as important as any other...
  • Blog Post: Bits on Boxes

    One could presumably begin every sentence with the phrase "in this economy…" It seems like more than any other thing, a budget crunch forces us to ask some tough questions about the work we're doing, check to see if we're going to get the results we thought we were, or if we did 50% less we'd get 80...
  • Blog Post: On “motivation” and commitment to open file formats

    Microsoft has been and continues to be fully committed to opening its document formats for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Interoperability is not new to Office, and Open XML is part of a much broader strategy around interoperability for Office. When we look at the past three years of document format related...