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Gray Knowlton's blog on Microsoft Office

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  • Blog Post: Office 2010 for Developers: Transcript from my training session

    During the launch wave we spend a lot of time "readying" various teams around the company and externally about the new capabilities for developers in Office 2010 . This is a topic of great interest across our technical field in particular, due to the multitudes of solutions that are built on Office to...
  • Blog Post: Friday Afternoon Fun

    Yesterday was a big day, filled with lots of goodness on openness and interoperability . Today I thought I'd share some stuff that is a little different than my normal focus, but very interesting nonetheless. I realized last night (thanks to a not-so-gentle reminder from my wife) that I haven't gone...
  • Blog Post: PowerPoint VBA and the Purpose of Thursday

    Most weekly newspapers publish on Thursday because this is the day when the majority of young people plan their weekends. Thursday is a good day for a lot of things; it's when I have my team meeting. I choose Thursday because there's a good bit of news to recap with the team, and there's a bit of time...