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Gray Matter

Gray Knowlton's blog on Microsoft Office

September, 2008

  • Document Encryption in Office 2007 with Open XML

    I was asked recently to comment on "security" of Office 2007. Conversations like this tend to unfold in a certain way… which is to play a fun game of Technology-Tennis, where we volley questions back and forth until we get at the root of the thing… although...
  • Moving the Ball Forward on Interoperability

    Just referring back to our interoperability principles for a moment , and the ongoing commitment to them . EMC Corporation, IBM and Microsoft today announced a jointly developed specification which uses Web Services and Web 2.0 interfaces to enable...
  • Whoopsie

    It was pointed out to me today that some folks were unable to comment on the material. I was 'tuning' the site recently and probably was the cause of that, please accept my apologies. It should be working now!