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How should Microsoft work together with user groups and communities around the world?

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    I'm sure everyone will be blogging about this, but ... I've been using the beta build of Windows 7 all Christmas whilst I've been snowed in at home - actually that not quite true - I've only been using it whilst I've had power, which wasn't the case on Christmas day! Windows 7, even at beta, ROCKS...
  • Blog Post: REALLY cool app if you are in the US and using Media Center

    This is just one guy doing some "hobby" development, but it's probably the coolest thing I've seen for Windows Media Center in a long time.... "Yaggs" really shows the potential in the programming model behind Media Center... Check out . You WILL like it!
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    I just watched a really cool video that the Vista team I used to be a part of (I've got a long and checkered career!) put together. Featuring Mark Russinovich (you DO know who he is, right?) and several other "names" from the industry, there are lots of good tips and food for thought, especially if you...