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How should Microsoft work together with user groups and communities around the world?

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    I'm curious - what makes someone a member of a user group? I don't mean what makes someone want to join, I'm wondering how a user group leader counts up their membership numbers. For example, There is a group in China which reports over 20 million members. Yes, you read that right, over 20 million...
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    :-) Perhaps there isn't a right answer? need to reposition the window to the right place, and wait for everything to download. the same way, but as most people are interested in the newer content you would then Perhaps new content on blogs and emails should be at the bottom so everything goes opposite...
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    I've been at Microsoft for 15 years now. A lot of things have changed in that time, for example the whole social network thing, blogs - heck even to some extent the internet.... But with the benefit of hindsight, I wonder how much of it couldn't have been predicted? For example: - Current machines...