User Groups and Community

How should Microsoft work together with user groups and communities around the world?

July, 2008

  • The next edition of User Group TV is out!

    You may have heard about UGTV, the "TV news" program especially for user groups. The next edition is now out and you can see it at for developers, and
  • Live Meeting and User Groups

    You may not know this, but we have been providing Live Meeting accounts to user group leaders for a couple of months now. It's something that has been very successful - as an example, here is a comment we received from . Just to...
  • Microsoft and Culminis launch User Group Support Services

    The UGSS platform went live today! Here is the full announcement... MICROSOFT AND CULMINIS ANNOUNCE USER GROUP SUPPORT SERVICES WHAT ARE USER GROUP SUPPORT SERVICES User Group Support Services (UGSS) offers a free set of tools specific to...