September, 2007

  • MPI over iWarp

    iWarp (aka RDMA support, TCP offload and kernel bypass on Ethernet) will be for some a viable alternative to Infiniband as a cluster link, especially on the new 10 GbE adapters. Microsoft's MPI will make use of it, as long as a Winsock direct provider...
  • More Infiniband tips

    So, you've installed your infiniband cards, but got limited performance improvement for your MSMPI application. Before you look at the code again, you may want to have a look at whether the winsock direct providers were installed as well. In some cases...
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager

    It's OUT!!! ... and we have announced that we shall support VMWare, Xen in a future release. I cannot believe it! :-) Check out