Adventures in Desktop, Application, and User State Virtualization

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    I've discussed running native applications within virtual environments and the many ways we can bring applications like Internet Explorer into the bubble. One of the many reasons we would need to bring IE into the virtual environment is for web applications that use different versions of Java. When...
  • Blog Post: App-V: On Named Kernel Object Virtualization (a.k.a. the VObjects Subsystem)

    Virtual Objects: You have also possibly heard this referred to as virtual eventing. You have seen references to this in the context of troubleshooting. You may have possibly used this as a workaround when troubleshooting in 4.x: Add an asterisk wildcard in the following registry path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE...
  • Blog Post: The Case of the Mysterious Open SFT Handle

    Here is another interesting one-off issue that was happening on a few machines in one of my customer’s environments. They were using App-V 4.6 with Configuration Manager 2012 managing the packages. The virtual applications were distributed fully cached to the clients (download and execute.) The...