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  • Blog Post: Enabling Advanced Windows Installer Logging

    Throughout my tenure while working in support, I would occasionally come across issues where the issue I was troubleshooting with a particular product was the actual installation. Too often the error would be some generic error (with an error code of 1603 or something similar) or one of those “unexpected...
  • Blog Post: MDOP 2013 embeds APP-V MSI's inside of EXE files

    If you are looking for the MSI installer files for APP-V 5 SP1, you will need to manually extract them from the EXE files. The App-V 5.0 SP1 (Client/Server) MSI's can be extracted using this command: appv_xxx_setup.exe /Layout /LayoutDir="<path>" i.e. c:\temp>appv_client_setup.exe...
  • Blog Post: App-V 5: MSI Wrapper Caveats (Oh, and App-V WMI classes are different in 5.0)

    For those enterprises using 3 rd -party ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) products to deploy and manage software, use of the MSI-wrapper makes it easy to incorporate these types of applications into their environments. In App-V, when you “install” a virtual application using the MSI...