Adventures in Desktop, Application, and User State Virtualization

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  • Blog Post: App-V: On COM+

    Throughout the history of App-V and Softgrid, you have likely read from many sources that COM+ cannot be virtualized. Many tools, including the App-V sequencer, contain detection logic that will also notify you of the presence of COM+ components when you are attempting to sequence an application. ...
  • Blog Post: App-V: On Virtualizing Multiple Excel Add-ins

    Yes, I’m still obsessed with the subject of add-in virtualization. I felt it also necessary to ensure that there was a discussion of add-in types and multiple Office add-ins (particularly Excel) before I finally leave this topic of discussion. Have you ever noticed that when you are managing\loading...
  • Blog Post: App-V: On COM Isolation and Interaction

    Through the history of Windows, the COM (Component Object Model) has been integral to application development the as an interprocess communication mechanism. The roadmap from DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange,) to OLE (Object Linking and Embedding,) to OCX (OLE Custom Controls,) to ActiveX – and so on...