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  • Blog Post: Event ID 1008: "Maximum Request Length Exceeded"

    I've recently run into this issue a few times with Exchange 2010 customers. This issue tends to have more of an effect on iOS devices, due to the nature of how Apple implements the ActiveSync protocol with its devices. This issue manifests itself in a number of ways. However the most common is...
  • Blog Post: Managing Exchange 2013 IIS Virtual Directories & Web Applications

    If you've deployed Exchange 2013 in a lab or even in a production environment, you are no doubt getting familiar with the topology changes. If you are not completely up to speed on the changes, Microsoft has essentially returned to the Front End & Back End topology that was last used back in...
  • Blog Post: "Sorry! Access Denied" error when trying to configure/customize Voice settings via ECP

    I ran into an issue recently where a customer had rolled out Unified Messaging features to their users. Everything was working fine except for the fact that several users would receive the following error when trying to configure Voice settings using ECP: Even though this was not the most...