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  • Blog Post: Configuring Kerberos Authentication in Exchange 2010

    There are many benefits to enabling Kerberos Authentication for your CAS Array in Exchange 2010 (SP1 and above). One of the primary benefits is to alleviate the NTLM authentication issues in Exchange 2010 that I blogged about in my previous post. Kerberos authentication provides a SIGNIFICANT reduction...
  • Blog Post: The Curious Case of MaxConcurrentAPI

    One of the issues we seem to encounter more often than not with Exchange 2010 is NTLM authentication issues. Due to the architectural changes in Exchange 2010 (with all connectivity running through the Client Access servers), a high volume of NTLM traffic is increasingly likely to create an authentication...
  • Blog Post: "Sorry! Access Denied" error when trying to configure/customize Voice settings via ECP

    I ran into an issue recently where a customer had rolled out Unified Messaging features to their users. Everything was working fine except for the fact that several users would receive the following error when trying to configure Voice settings using ECP: Even though this was not the most...