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June, 2004

  • Microsoft scores highest in customer-respect study

    Years ago, Steve Ballmer outlined Microsoft's values. Two of them that were mentioned together were “Honesty and Respect“. I've never really had a problem in the workspace being honest about what I think, but (to a fault) I have not always...
  • A picture a day

    When you are stuck in a cubical all day it can be nice to see that there is life out there somewhere else. I like to check out this site occasionally. They have an RSS feed as well so I can get the pictures directly in my Outlook client.
  • Bill Gates talks about IMF and SmartScreen

    In his latest Executive email , Bill Gates says the following: “Since Hotmail deployed it six months ago, SmartScreen has been blocking more than 95 percent of all incoming spam — an average of nearly 3 billion messages every day. Because...