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Recommended post SP4 fixes for Exchange 5.5

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First of all, I want to let you know that I highly recommend that you run Exchange 2003 since the support date for Exchange 5.5 has already past (and 2003 rocks!), but since so many companies are still running 5.5 I wanted to forward you a list that I use. 


Some of these will require a call to PSS in order to get the fixes.  As always, TEST these fixes in your test lab before deploying in your production environment.


Credit: This list was first composed by my friend Ross Smith IV.  I only slightly modified it.


1.;en-us;309149 (JET Hot-Fix)

2.;en-us;304062 (RPC Hot-Fix)

3.;en-us;282533 (IS Hot-Fix)

4.;en-us;304115 (DS Hot-Fix)

5.;en-us;810579 (ESE Hot-Fix)

6.;en-us;329415 (IS Provider Hot-Fix)

7.;en-us;818709 (CDO Hot-Fix)

8. (IS Hot-Fix)

9.;en-us;829706 (MTA Hot-Fix)

10.;en-us;829436 (IMS Hot-Fix)


Edited: Changed #8 to include the more recent fix.  Thanks again Ross...