Das Microsoft Solution Accelerator Team hat uns jetzt darauf hingewiesen, dass das System Center Cloud Services Process Pack ab sofort zum Download zur Verfügung steht.

Aus der Beschreibung: The System Center Cloud Services Process Pack offers a self-service experience to facilitate private cloud capacity requests from your business unit IT application owners and end users, including the flexibility to request additional capacity as business demands increase.

Jetzt herunterladen – Hier geht’s zum Download

Das Cloud Services Process Pack ist Teil der “System Center 2012 Service Manager Component Add-ons and Extensions”. Zu den Vorteilen zitiere ich gerne die Kollegen direkt.

Benefits offered by Cloud Services Process Pack for the enterprise include

  • Deep customization and extension of the cloud services experience; natively supported by the System Center suite of products.
  • Reduced cost, effort, and time to deploy cloud services to organizations that already leverage the System Center platform.

Benefits offered by Cloud Services Process Pack for consumers of IT include

  • Standardized and well-defined processes for requesting and managing cloud services, including the ability to define Projects, Capacity pools, and Virtual Machines.
  • Natively supported request, approval, and notification to enable businesses to effectively manage their own allocated infrastructure capacity pools.