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  • Blog Post: Publish SSDT project using command line

    SqlPackage.exe is a command line utility that can be used to automate database deployment. You can read more about this utility at . SqlPackage.exe can be used along with publish profile to publish database in different environments....
  • Blog Post: Convert Visual Studio 2010 Database Project to SSDT Project

    You can convert your existing VS 2010 database project to SSDT project by a simple right click operations. Here I have VS 2010 database project (project version SQL Server 2008). Let's have a look at the property page in VS 2010. When you open an existing VS 2010 database project you will be...
  • Blog Post: Publishing/Deploying database project using SSDT

    In order to deploy a database using SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) choose the publish option from Build Menu or right click on the project and select publish. On selecting Publish, it will bring up a dialog box where you can specify the Target Database Settings. In order to save these publish settings...