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  • Blog Post: Installing DQS on a Default instance with different instance name and instance ID.

    DQSInstaller.exe is pretty limited in its options and as such does not provide any option to redirect your DQS installation on a seperate instance of SQL server. Further it is hardcoded for now to install the DQS components on the default instance (MSSQLSERVER) of the SQL Server 2012 with the default...
  • Blog Post: Installing SQL Server 2012 : New in Data Quality Services (DQS)

    With SQL Server 2012, the product launched the all new Data Quality Services aimed at providing a Knowledge based repository for managing the quality of large amount of data. This blog post talks about the installation steps and some of the tips and tricks for installing your DQS Component while performing...
  • Blog Post: Installing DQS on a named instance of SQL Server 2012.

    From my previos post you can derive that DQSInstaller.exe is pretty limited in its functtionality. Here I will talk about installing the DQS component on a...