Gary's $this and that about PowerShell

I am a Microsoft Senior Premier Field Engineer based out of Atlanta, GA. My focus is Powershell. This blog is mainly to share interesting Powershell script samples.

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    This is a script I put together because…well I don't remember what prompted me to write it.  Who cares :) This script uses the built-in cmdlets for Exchange 2007 find 2007 servers and legacy servers.  It then uses WMI to talk to the legacy servers to get the mailbox sizes.  Technically...
  • Blog Post: Creating a PS Credential from a Clear Text Password in Powershell

    Before I begin here, let me say, this is very unsecure.  There are very few times when doing this would be a good idea from a security standpoint.  That being said, it is definately possible. First things first.  We need to build a secure string for the password: PS C:\> $password ...