Gary's $this and that about PowerShell and Exchange

I am a Microsoft Senior Premier Field Engineer based out of Atlanta, GA. My focus is on Exchange Server and Powershell. This blog is mainly to share interesting Powershell script samples and tidbits about Exchange. I am a Microsoft Certified Master for

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    This is a script I put together because…well I don't remember what prompted me to write it.  Who cares :) This script uses the built-in cmdlets for Exchange 2007 find 2007 servers and legacy servers.  It then uses WMI to talk to the legacy servers to get the mailbox sizes.  Technically...
  • Blog Post: Counting Public Folder SubFolders

    This sample script was written by a brilliant fellow PFE named Chris Schrimsher.  Chris gave me permission to post this script out there to the two of you reading my posts…you know who you are :) In this script there is a concept that he is using that I like.  He uses a hash table (dictionary...