Gary's $this and that about PowerShell

I am a Microsoft Senior Premier Field Engineer based out of Atlanta, GA. My focus is Powershell. This blog is mainly to share interesting Powershell script samples.

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  • Blog Post: Quick AD Search Example

    I was emailing with another instructor tonight and wrote a quick snippet to search AD for an object with a particular SID.  This is quick and way too simple for production, but it just shows how easily you can search AD.  This is with Powershell v1 $searcher = new-object system.directoryservices...
  • Blog Post: Quick Script to Edit a Single Attribute in AD on a Single User Account

    There are no real dependencies for this script, PSv1 or v2, no snap-ins, no modules….just plain old PS (POPS :) ).  No magic happening here, just some basic read-host and ADSI in play.  I wrote it for a colleague and thought I would share. #This will probably only work for strings and simple...