Gary's $this and that about PowerShell and Exchange

I am a Microsoft Senior Premier Field Engineer based out of Atlanta, GA. My focus is on Exchange Server and Powershell. This blog is mainly to share interesting Powershell script samples and tidbits about Exchange. I am a Microsoft Certified Master for

November, 2009

  • Using Microsoft's New AD PowerShell Cmdlets

    In the past two weeks I have really started playing with the new AD PowerShell cmdlets from Microsoft. I am really glad these cmdlets are finally here. I will admit though, to get them working in my lab, it was not easy. I cant blame this though on the...
  • Mailbox Database Statistics

    UPDATED: Minor Script Modifications made, detailed help comments added mainly for PSv2 and units added to property names First of all, let me apologize as I have been posting very much lately.  My plan with this blog was to post at least twice a...