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Resolve IP Addresses to Hostname using PowerShell

Resolve IP Addresses to Hostname using PowerShell

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I had a previous customer shoot me an email asking for help whipping up a script to convert a list of IP addresses from a text file to their respective host names, and put that into another text file.  I put together a little demonstration script to show a way to get this done.  I am using the .Net Static Class “”.  I hope this is useful to someone :)


# The following line read a plain list of IPs from files.  For this demo, I have

# this line commented out and added a line to just define an array of IPs here


#$listofIPs = Get-Content c:\IPList.txt


$listofIPs = "","",""


#Lets create a blank array for the resolved names

$ResultList = @()


# Lets resolve each of these addresses

foreach ($ip in $listofIPs)


     $result = $null


     $currentEAP = $ErrorActionPreference

     $ErrorActionPreference = "silentlycontinue"


     #Use the DNS Static .Net class for the reverse lookup

     # details on this method found here:

     $result = [System.Net.Dns]::gethostentry($ip)


     $ErrorActionPreference = $currentEAP


     If ($Result)


          $Resultlist += [string]$Result.HostName




          $Resultlist += "$IP - No HostNameFound"




# If we wanted to output the results to a text file we could do this, for this

# demo I have this line commented and another line here to echo the results to the screen


#$resultlist | Out-File c:\output.txt






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  • Thank you for posting this. But for some reason when I use the file name option(i un-commented it out), it doesn't seem to resolve the IP address. All it does it spit back out the IP's and says "No HostnameFound" Put if I enter each IP in the script it works like a charm. Can you help?

  • Well done. Worked for me.

  • If the IPs are listed in your text file without quotes around them then you need to put quotes around the $ip parameter like this:

    $result = [System.Net.Dns]::gethostentry("$ip")

    Worked great for me too.

  • Hi Gary. I took your cert class at MSFT about 2 yrs ago. How have you been?
    This was great. Exactly what I needed.

    Take care amigo.

  • Works Great. Is there a easy way to print the ip from the iplist along hostname

  • Great Script

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