We have already announced the changes of engines availability due on the 1st of December, it´s important to understand that the SpamCure antispam engine by Mail Filters will also be retired. We have invested in new antispam technology through a partnership with Cloudmark that provides a better overall antispam experience including higher detection rates, lower false positives, improved submission experience and enhanced service experience. 

Customers will be able to take advantage of these new enhancements and engine changes after deploying the Antigen service packs released on July 1, 2009: Antigen 9 with SP2.

What does this mean? Any Antigen 9 installation using SpamCure must be upgraded to the latest version of Antigen (Antigen 9 with SP2) before the 1st of December to be able to switch to Cloudmark.

At the moment of writing (2nd of October) Antigen 9 with SP2 is the latest update, it already integrates the antispam engine Cloudmark.

Please review “Forefront server Security Engine revision FAQ” on the Engine Revision Overview and FAQ for more information.


Fulvio Spanedda
Sr. Security Support Engineer
EMEA Global Technical Support Center
Microsoft Product Support Services