The Forefront Server team is pleased to announce that Antigen 8 for SharePoint Service Pack 1 and Antigen 8 for IM Service Pack 1 are now available for download.  It is important for customers to upgrade to these service pack releases before the AV engine mix is changed on December 1st, 2009 (as announced on July 1st, 2009).  Previous builds of the product will still function after December 1st, but only one engine will be updating (Norman).

Another important thing to note is that these service packs update engines from the MICROSOFT.COM download location used by all the other Forefront Server products.  This is important as the SYBARI.COM update location will no longer be available as of 2/1/2010.

The service packs can be downloaded from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center by opening the “Servers” group and finding the corresponding Forefront Server product.  Antigen 8 for SharePoint SP1 (part number X16-09934) can be found under “Forefront Security for SharePoint with Service Pack 3”.  Antigen 8 for IM SP1 (part number X16-09863) can be found under “Forefront Security for Office Communications Server”.

Avoid any gaps in your multi-engine AV protection.  Upgrade today!

Tom Canino

Lead Program Manager

Forefront Server Team