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  • Blog Post: A more secure, trustworthy cloud

    A s we all know, right now cloud computing holds center stage in the IT industry. Vendors, service providers, press, analysts and customers are all evaluating and discussing the opportunities presented by the cloud. A very important part of the discussion is security. While the benefits of cloud computing...
  • Blog Post: Here Be Dragons - Enterprises Under Assault

    Doesn't it seem like every week there is some article pointing out how serious the cyber-security problem is? One of the triggers for my previous posting on Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) was a survey claiming, if I recall correctly as I couldn't locate the link, about 22% of enterprises had suffered...
  • Blog Post: Twitterview with Dark Reading tomorrow, May 6, 2:30 pm EST

    Tomorrow at 2:30 pm Eastern time, tune in via Twitter to see Kelly Higgins of Dark Reading interview JG Chirapuarth, senior director of the Microsoft Identity and Security Business Group. You can follow the discussion at either the Dark Reading or Forefront Twitter Account .