Awhile back I spoke with George Podolak, the IT director at Pei Cobb Freed & Partners.  They are one of the world’s best-known architectural firms, perhaps most recognized for the glass pyramid at the Louvre in Paris.  But, like all companies, they also have to be a security company, especially when it comes to protecting information about their clients’ projects.  For that, Pei Cobb Freed looks to Forefront. (continued below)

“Many of our largest or most public clients are very concerned about the security of their work,” said Podolak. “They don’t want to see their name or plans in print or out on the Internet before they’re ready.”

The company previously ran Symantec products for server and desktop security, but found them difficult to manage.  They couldn’t ensure that all of the firm’s PCs were up to date with security patches, too.  In addition, the Symantec products didn’t address security related to outgoing traffic – employees caught in phishing scams, inadvertently going to malicious Web sites, or downloading malicious software.

“We were worried about someone downloading a keystroke logger or other malicious software. We needed to fully protect our intellectual property from that sort of thing,” said Podolak.

Podolak now relies on Forefront Protection Suite.

“Having one set of security products—the Forefront suite—across our entire infrastructure makes security easier to implement, easier to update—and that by itself makes us more secure.  Our architects realize that the Forefront Security Suite is an essential element empowering their success,” he said.

They use Forefront Client Security for PC and server security and Forefront Security for Exchange and SharePoint to protect email and collaboration.  Additionally, Forefront Threat Management Gateway provides URL filtering and Web-access policies to safeguard employees from malicious Web sites, malware, phishing traps, and similar threats that can steal information and corrupt personal computers.

“We’re doing a better job of managing risk. With the Forefront Security Suite, we’ve solidified protection across the organization, and we’ve eliminated doubts about it.” says Podolak