Hi all - I'm joining the team of Forefront bloggers here on the Because It's Everybody's Business site.  As a senior marketing communications manager on the Core Infrastructure Marketing team, I'll be pitching in with updates, comments and insights about "all things" business security.  That includes information related to our Forefront brand of products, but also identity and security technologies within the Windows platform and other Microsoft applications.  (In many cases, our Business Ready Security solutions - such as those for secure messaging, secure collaboration, identity and access, information protection and secure endpoint - combine Forefront products with technologies in Windows and in applications like Exchange, SharePoint, Office and others.) 

A little background on me:  I've been at Microsoft for about four years now, doing marketing for a variety of Server and Tools businesses, including Windows Server, Small Business Server, Windows Home Server, enterprise storage, management and virtualization. One of the great things about my job is that I'm able to regularly interact with customers and partners who are solving their real world challenges with our solutions.  I'll do my best to apply what I hear and learn from those interactions here in my posts. 

With that in mind, I thought I'd kick my blogging off with a quick overview of how (and why) Del Monte Foods uses our security solutions. 

As many know, Del Monte is one of the country's largest and most recognized producers, distributors and marketers of premium food and pet products. Their intellectual property, such as recipes, is their lifeblood.  The volume and range of that intellectual property continues to grow, of course, and so do the ways that employees use and share that information. They rely heavily on traditional e-mail, collaboration platforms and, now, presence and instant messaging. Protecting that precious information, while still enabling employee productivity with the latest forms of communication and collaboration, is crucial for Del Monte. 

That's where the Forefront Protection Suite comes in.  Del Monte uses Forefront to protect Exchange and Office Communications Server messages from spam and malware, to protect documents on Office SharePoint from viruses, and to protect employee PCs from Web-based threats.  They have been using the current versions of Forefront for some time, and are in the process of upgrading to several of the newer products now. Del Monte also takes advantage of Active Directory Rights Management Services in Windows Server to better control access and distribution of information.

As a result, Del Monte has more secure email, more secure collaboration between both employees and trusted suppliers, and more secure PCs.  Forefront and Windows technologies help them protect their intellectual property and manage risk, while allowing employees to get the job done. 

They are also very pleased with the manageability of our solutions.  For example, Jonathan Wynn, Manager of Advanced Technology and Collaborative Services, said, “With the Forefront Protection Suite, we expect to save countless hours in administrative overhead. We wouldn’t put anything else for e-mail security on our new Exchange Server machines.”

I hope this summary is helpful.  Let me know your thoughts and comments.  Until next time...

Joel Sider