Today we tend to take it for granted that somehow SPAM email is being blocked inside our company.  You probably still get some SPAM messages but to an extent, your current solution seems to do its job.  So, why do anything different?  Here are some reasons why you might consider change and how Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange (FPE) helps:

Reduced Carbon Footprint – occurs when you get rid of a piece of SPAM email as early as possible, hence decreasing the utilization of the machine’s resources freeing it up to do other things or process more mail.  This in turn might help to reduce the number of servers required in your organization.  FPE has a significant enhancement over Forefront Security for Exchange and competitor solutions as it has a dynamic DNS block list (DNSBL).  The block list is continually updated automatically which enables SPAM to be rejected early on in the process.  The ideal situation is to also have it blocked in the cloud before it gets to your organization, but each step counts even blocking spam within your organization. Microsoft’s cloud spam solution is our Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) which can also work in conjunction with FPE.

Less email Administrator time required – FPE has been designed with a “set it and forget it” mindset for an administrator in regards to SPAM.  The DNSBL and Cloudmark content filtering engines are automatically updated, unlike other competitor solutions.

User productivity – gains are seen when a user doesn’t have to spend time deleting SPAM or hopefully not, clicking on links inside of SPAM.  FPE offers numerous features and functionality to remove 99% of all spam which comes into your organization.

Better Security – would happen if a user never gets spam mail to prevent clicking on potentially malicious links inside spam email. The less spam a user gets, the less chance there is for a potential security threat.

To see what I mean about how FPE can reduce your bacon, you’ll find this towards the end of the video.  View the original post for this video to get a breakdown for a list of what topics are being covered at what time.

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To learn more about how FPE and Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) work with Exchange 2010 for protection of SPAM and anti-virus, including further stats, check out this video with PM Mike Chan.