I'm no stranger to Microsoft or security.  I started at Microsoft over 7 years ago supporting ISA 2000 server, eventually became the global lead for the ISA health check as a Premier Field Engineer, and now in my current role as an IT Pro Technical evangelist focus on the next wave of Forefront products.  Most people know these Forefront products by it's codename "Stirling", but they are now officially branded the Forefront Protection Suite (FPS). In the coming months you can expect technical posts from me primarily focused on FPS, some of which will include video interviews with the product team.  You might notice Unified Access Gateway or UAG (formerly Intelligent Application Gateway or IAG) is not officially part of FPS, but I will also have some content on this product as well.

You can find my personal TechNet blog at http://blogs.technet.com/extreme where I plan on posting up any non-Forefront related posts and all of the videos and posts I've created on TechNet Edge at: http://edge.technet.com/people/extreme.