Let’s be honest:  2009 was a year like no other from a global, economic and change perspective.  Capital markets have declined, spending is reduced and efficiency is paramount in every business.  Information Technology (IT) departments in small, medium and large enterprise businesses are no different.  Everyone has been affected and everyone is taking long and hard looks at every business process they have and every dollar that they spend.  In years past, when growth and demand was strong, many responded by adding additional labor, additional processes and additional bureaucracy into their computing environments. This cannot and will not continue.

Going forward, we need to have our systems and our computing environments be not only more efficient, but also smarter in how we run our businesses.  Business efficiency is about automation.  It is about intelligence in decision making.  It is also about expertise and trust.  If every computing decision, every threat, every piece of malware and every user attack requires the user to understand everything, make the decision themselves and manually solve the problem…we will never improve our business productivity and efficiency.  We must build and provide systems that make smart decisions for users, in an automated way and build the trust into the system that enable users to focus on their expertise and their business and not the computing environment.

The computing environment is a tool that enables productivity.  This is what Microsoft and Forefront are all about.  This is what we strive to achieve and we intend on providing the expertise and building the trust for you to achieve these goals.  I am going to share some real inside examples of how Forefront and Microsoft change the game for information technology professionals around the world in the future.  Stay tuned, I look forward to driving more on this theme from a technical perspective as we get this blog rolling.

David B. Cross
Product Unit Manager