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Announcing Forefront Endpoint Protection 2012 Beta!

Announcing Forefront Endpoint Protection 2012 Beta!

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Forefront Endpoint Protection 2012 beta is here!  We are extremely excited to announce the availability of Forefront Endpoint Protection 2012 Beta.  Customers and Microsoft Partners can download the Beta software immediately here. You can also download the pre-requisite System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Beta 2 here

Forefront Endpoint Protection 2012 continues to deliver on the promise of Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010, simplifying and improving endpoint protection while also greatly reducing infrastructure costs. It builds on System Center Configuration Manager 2012, allowing customers to implement endpoint protection as part of a unified infrastructure for securing and managing physical, virtual, and mobile client environments. This shared infrastructure lowers ownership costs while providing improved visibility and control over endpoint management and security.  

  • What’s new in FEP 2012:
    • Support for System Center Configuration Manager 2012
    • Improved real time alerts and reports
    • Role-based management
    • User-centric reports (post beta)
    • Easy migration from FEP 2010/ConfigMgr 2007
    • Support for FEP 2010 client agents

Forefront Endpoint Protection 2012 continues to provide proactive protection against known and unknown threats using multiple technologies in the antimalware engine like behavior monitoring, network inspection system and heuristics.  With cloud based updates through the spynet service, endpoints get updated protection against new threats in real time.  See the benefits of enabling Dynamic Signature Service in FEP here.

You can find more product details on our Website or TechCenter. And for more information about convergence of management and security, please visit our new Windows Optimized Desktop page.

You can now evaluate Forefront Endpoint Protection 2012 beta and System Center Configuration Manager 2012 beta with a community of early adopters.  Join the Community Evaluation Program for System Center Configuration Manager and evaluate the products with guidance from the product team and by sharing of experiences and best practices among a community of peers.

In addition, Microsoft Identify & Security partners can take advantage of the Microsoft Solution Incentive Program. This program rewards partners that identify and sell solutions that include Microsoft Forefront client security. Visit our Hyper-V Enabled Private Cloud page on Microsoft’s Partner Network to get more information on eligible opportunities.  

We hope you will evaluate the early version and give us your feedback!

Forefront Endpoint Protection team

  • It would be great to see something added that would improve FEP/MSE's ability to detect and prevent rogue anti-malware threats... not to mention a mechanism to prevent the disabling/removal/tampering of FEP/MSE.

  • Why FEP 2012 Beta Installation package The Client Is FEP 2010 Installation package?

  • Two main missing components from FEP 2010 and 2012 that need to be considered.

    1. There is no tamper protection, Users can remove FEP without any problem.

    2. No Automatic SCAN for USB removable in FEP. If I inserted a Flash drive, it won’t automatically scan it. This is very dangerous especially with autorun.inf which all worms use to attach machines.

  • Another great feature to consider would be the capacity to manage Forefront from something other than SCCM! Were I work we don't need at all the SCCM platform. So why force customers to pay for SCCM to only be able to manage an AV solution? Isn't a bit overkill?

  • Totally agree. SCCM is overkill for the majority of SMBs. I'll have to switch to a different vendor just because of this.

  • Another nice feature would be something like Symantec's Insite server that can allow VM's to not scan files that are common among all the machines.

  • Any Microsoft response to the second comment? The FEP client install is the 2010 Eval version, even the version number is the same so its not like the code has been updated but not the branding!

    +1 to CyperMike and Guile - having to install SCCM is a big ask for most SMBs, not just the licensing costs but also the admin required to set it up and mange it really doesn't make much sense unless you have >200 users.

  • @Alex Lush, thank you for your support in this area, wish there was more understanding from MS as well. If it was able to integrate with SCE I'd understand, but SCCM is a bit much.

    Security Essentials isn't something I'd use with about 90 machines and Intune is not an option since it's not available in our country.  Our licenses for FCS expires sometime in 2013 (I still have time)...hope this gets fixed by then.

  • How can i add Excluded file , once added how it will reflect to all servers agents in windows forefront endpoint

  • Will FEP 2012 be offered through any of the Microsft cloud service offerings? Would be interested to see this added as an option to one of the Office 365 plans or something along those lines.  Being able to administer the clients through a central Office 365 portal would be awesome too.

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