We’re proud to say that Forefront Security for SharePoint is the first product to receive new Enterprise Content Management certification from ICSA Lab, (www.icsalabs.com)  ECM certification is important because it demonstrates that Forefront Security for SharePoint can protect the contents of the SharePoint Server from exploitation by self-replicating malicious code infection – crucial to protecting collaboration sites.  The ECM certification requires the anti-virus solution to detect viruses on demand and on access; report no false positive; perform administration functions; and log all the results of virus detections.   The certification provides a benchmark for virus detection in products that are designed to protect portal, collaboration and or content management servers of an organization.   A full description of the ECM criteria is available on the ICSA website.


FSSP joins other Forefront products that have earned ICSA Labs certification, including Forefront Client Security, Forefront Security for Exchange Server, Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server.