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Fix Print Spooler

Fix Print Spooler

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clip_image002Fix printing problems by resetting the print spooler

Fix it for me

This Fix it Solution automates resetting the Print Spooler on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

The Fix it has two modes: Light and Full.  The light mode will make changes to the spooler that should not require the end user to make any changes.  The full mode will restore the print spooler to defaults and require a reinstall of printers.

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  • our printer doesnt work. its stuck in queue, and wont delete document. it is saying that i am not an administrator. i own this computer!!! what the heck is going on? please get back to me quickly.

    its not the printer, its in my software. and that is your department, i dont know much about this stuff.

  • Greetings Roney Ware,

    We have released a more comprehensive Fix it package for print spooler issues.

    Please see the comments at the above site for a description of what this Fix it package is doing.


  • Greetings all,

    I have been looking through this blog and i have seen a variety of resources. Overall this blog is very well structered and i think this blog also has very good ethics within. The information is also relevant to the subject of the blog thus making this blog very good and useful for those with the problem of the Printer Spooler

    Regards Nicholas Blaney

  • A restart failed to fix the problem (no printers listed) but once I used the 'Fix it' tool all was fine- printers miraculously reappeared!

    Is this a permanent fix or will I have to constantly apply it?!

  • Peter,

    This should be a one time application.


  • A brief history.  I hope it is accurate.

    1.  I tried to install a printer on my computer at a new job.  It was not successful and I got a printer spooler error.

    2.  My printer at home stopped working.

    3.  I deleted all printer drivers per a suggestion somewhere and then started getting "The RPC server is unavailable" when turning computer on.

    4. Tried to turn print spooler on - got a 1068 error.

    5. I ran the FixPrintSpooler.msi and it failed to process and had a link to this blog.

    6.  I came to this blog saw what appeared to be a link to an improved fix (fix-print-spooler.aspx) and it just reloads this blog page.

    PS My printer is also a scanner, copier, and fax.  The other day I could not send a fax.  thsi may or may not be related.

  • Bert,

    At the top of this blog there is link to the KB article for the Fix it package:


  • Absolutely brilliant.

    After lots of searching this blog done the buisiness

  • Request to participate in the process!!!

  • I used the fix it tool you provided which seems to have wiped out all of my printers.  I've downloaded two.  One command says there are no printers and another says that they're already on the computer.  I don't understand.

  • I have tried the Fix It solution, as well as all the manual fixes I can possibly find.  Nothing works!  Any other ideas???

  • Evrytime I try this it fails and I get error code 2738, any suugestions?

  • Brilliant tool, whoever made this is a champion. It would have saved me god-knows how long messing around in the registry, thanks a million.

  • I am using the Windows 7 RC and something messed up my print spooler. I can't get it to run. Fixit gives me an error that says it doesn't apply to my system. Does anyone have any ideas? I've read through several forums and can't find anything that has worked so far. Please help!

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