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Microsoft Fix it Solution to restore updated Word functionality is Live!

Microsoft Fix it Solution to restore updated Word functionality is Live!

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clip_image002 How do I fix the problem that I experience after I install an automatic update for Word 2007 on a Windows Vista-based computer?

We just released another Fix it Knowledge Base (KB) article. This Fix it addresses the following scenario:

You install an automatic update for Microsoft Office Word 2007 on a Windows Vista-based computer and then restart the computer. If Word 2007 was running when the computer was restarted, you experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • The mouse does not work when you use Word.
  • You cannot open a Word document from the Search window in Windows Vista.
  • You cannot open a Word document from Windows Desktop Search.
  • Word crashes when you try to start or exit Word.
  • Word crashes when you open the Open dialog box.
  • Word crashes when you save a document.
  • Word crashes when you close a document.

This Fix it modifies the Windows registry as described in KB 940791.

  • Deletes the HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Word\Data subkey
  • Blocks on any operating system except Windows Vista
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  • I think this helped my problem but at least now i know where to go if I still have trouble.  Thank you.

  • I don't know if  this fixed my problem yet.

  • Big 10 out of 10 for this fix, thank you.  I have been having loads of problems with Word for the last few months.  Mainly, the mouse would not work in the text window, I couldn't open .doc files by just clicking on them and Word crashed every time I closed it.  The fix took about 10 seconds to download, run and sort the problem.  It did take me a bit of searching before I found it but it was worth the effort.  Thanks again.

  • This appears to be only a temporary fix.  Word will run one or more times after running the fix, then begin hanging on opening again.  Would love to have a more permanent fix!

  • This solution doesn't work for me.So disappointed to discover this only fixed the problem temporarily. Word was hanging as soon as it opened. After running this FixIt Word worked the one time. When trying to use Word a second time it went back to hanging as soon as it was opened.

  • The Automatic Fix It solution worked great. I could only navigate Word Documents using the keyboard.  Anytime I tried to click somewhere in the text of the document with the mouse, Word crashed.  It was really annoying and only happened after the latest Microsoft Update.  Unfortunately it also did the same to my Outlook.  Now going to try and find the Fix It for Outlook.

    Really frustrating problem, but Microsoft has recovered nicely.

  • Fix worked once, then word stoped working again; could not even start working in word before program stoped.  Later found Outlook would not work to notify Microsoft that fix was not working.  Now Microsoft support wants to charge me to fix their upgrade to their programs that are costing me work, time, and money. Hope this issue is resolved soon.  Very disapointing.

  • Worked for me. Word 2007 had stopped working after recent updates (kept crashing when opening certain files, always crashed after closing all the open files). Now everywthing's fine.

  • I had just about given up on being able to use Word and Excell due to problems trying to save a doc. and/or print doc.  Just tried both functions in Word and IT WORKS.  Thank you.

  • Wow... been trying to figure out why my Word for Office 2007 quit working, and what a quick fix!  Great find, and now I have Fix-It linked on my blog for others to use and the RSS Feed for me! Thanks!

  • I am having this same issue with Word in Windows XP.  Any idea or solution for XP?

  • Same issue with XP. Please help.

  • is there a "fix it" for word 2003 run on windows xp

  • I am having trouble downloading MS Office 2010 in it's entirety.  Word always seems to be left out.  Step Four always hangs up with a "Bootstrap Error.  Bootstrap (something or other) has stopped working.)

    I know the problem is not listed here.

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