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Enable Media Center DVD Library Fix it Live!

Enable Media Center DVD Library Fix it Live!

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We just released another Fix it Knowledge Base (KB) article. This Fix it enables the DVD Library in Windows Media Center on Vista as described in KB 930526Note: After you apply a fix, you may have to right-click Add folders to see or add additional content. 

  • This is a great idea, but unfortunately it did not work on one of my Vista Ultimates machines. It might be because I tried the registry tweak and changed the name of the ShowGallery to Gallery instead of changing the registry's value. So then I deleted the value and reentered it. Then the dvd library showed up, but i could not see any dvd's in the folder that I added to the watch list. I tried the fix on another Vista Ultimate machine and it worked fine. Is there a way to fix this by importing registry values from my computer that works? Or can I re-install media center?

  • Hey Matt,

    Thank you for taking the time to post a comment. When you recreated the ShowGallery value did you create it as a REG_SZ? In addition, are any DVDs showing up from other watch folers?



  • doesn't work with my vista ult. german

  • The "Fix It" only changes the option from "play dvd" to "dvd gallery".  You may still need to right click and Add Folders to see content.  Do you at least get "dvd gallery" within TV & Movies?


  • Does Windows Media Center supports Blu-Ray Discs playback? I am trying to play Blu-Ray but it is not booting up. Is there a patch? What can I do?

  • Hello Walton,

    If Blu-ray isn't working you might not have any 3rd party playback applications.

    The following information is from MSDN:

    Windows Media Center supports HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc playback, as follows:

    When Windows Media Center is running full screen, Windows Media Center can start a third-party playback application when a HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc disc is inserted into the DVD drive. If Windows Media Center is not full screen when a disc is inserted, Windows auto-play manages the playback process.

    If an HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc disc is already in the DVD drive, Windows Media Center can start a third-party playback application if the user selects Play DVD from the Windows Media Center Start menu.



  • Dear Sirs.

    I am running Vista Media Center within Vista Ultimate.

    My DVD’s are all stored on my hard discs for convenience, I have installed the fix KB 930526 which has identified the DVD’s on drive C: and plays them, however I have a D: and E: drive both of which are for DVD storage and the fix has failed to recognise these drives, is there a fix for this ?

    I look forward to your help and remain.


    Peter Fordham

  • Hello Peter,

    You will have to right-click Add folders to add the content on the D: and E: drive to see them in the dvd gallery.


  • I have an interesting scenario.

    Two indential brand new HP machines with home premium. Both now have values of ShowGallery = Gallery. One changed from "Play" after running media center setup and the other changed from "Play" before running media center setup for the first time. There was only 3 or 4 registry values of which ShowGallery was one of them. The machine changed to Gallery after media center setup was run displays the DVD library and I was able to add folders to watch just fine. DVDs display and play.

    The machine changed to "Gallery" before media center setup was run for first tim will not display the DVD library.

    I was setting up new machines and thought I would just make the change before running media center for the first time but apparently there is a problem with the timing of this. I have rebooted and changed ShowGallery back to "Play" and run media center setup and then changed back to "Gallery" and rebootd again, but to no avail. Any suggestions? I have about 5 hours invested in setup of other software so would like to salvage this setup. I can provide the registry or screen shots if interested.


  • Hello Bryan,

    Thank you for taking the time to post a comment. So the machine that is broken still shows "Play DVD" instead of "dvd library"? If you could provide the registry and a screen shot you can e-mail that information to me using I want to make sure there isn't anything with our Fix it that could be improved so other users don't run into the same issue you have.



  • I am having the same problem as Bryan Guidizi.  I applied the fix after setting up Media Center and it does not change to DVD LIBRARY.  My registry setting has been saved as GALLERY.  Any help would be appreciated.  


  • Hello Barron,

    Thank you for taking the time to post a comment. Can you open regedit and navigate to the following key?

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Start Menu

    Check to see if there is a HideDVD value and if the value data is set to 1. If the value data for HideDVD is set to 1 then you have two options. One option would be to delete the HideDVD value. The other option would be to change the value data from 1 to 0.



  • Brian, IT WORKED!  Thanks for your help.  I can see the library and add movies to it.  The play dvd option is still there.  Also, on the remote computer it does not display any of the movie info.  Is this normal.  The pc I'm using to rip and store the movies is a Windows 7 box.  

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Bryan's issue was also resolved by settting HideDVD to 0 under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Start Menu

  • i dont even have the hide dvd option. im having the same problem of no dvd library. My registry setting was already on Gallery before i did anything. ALthough i did have arcsoft media player installed

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