Skype in the classroom is a great tool for bringing children together from around the world, and the “Mystery Skype” game makes such meetings even more fun and educational. The increasingly popular game has children ask questions to figure out the location of students in another classroom, as “Today Show” co-host Natalie Morales found out when she recently took part in such a session.

Morales saw how, “by asking a series of clever questions, the students could quickly guess where the other was located,” writes Wendy Norman on Skype’s Social Good blog. “And when the guessing was done, she enjoyed national songs performed by each of the countries’ students, in addition to a little language lesson before saying goodbye.”

Watch the video above to see Morales and Mystery Skype in action, and to read Norman’s post, head over to Skype’s Social Good blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff