Ride the red train on the Jan. 2 Bing home page and you’ll end up in another world – just not the one you might think from a first glance.

For those of us who suffer from wanderlust (yeah, that’d be me), I want to go through that kind of scenery – even if it’s not as mysterious as Hogwarts. Clicking on the squares embedded on the page, I found out it’s much more do-able: this is the Langwieser Viaduct in Switzerland, and it takes you to the resort community of Arosa.

Yes, it’s January, and yes, that means snow – for a good chunk of the U.S., anyways. And if you’re in those frigid zones, you might be sick of shoveling, scraping your car and white-knuckled driving. So why not imagine you’re in a place where the snowy landscape is an otherworldly sight?

Click on the Jan. 2 Bing home page and read more about this breathtaking place – including how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle figures into the history of this region.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff